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    In GetExitCodeProcess( Articlearticle


     bool [in] HANDLE hProcess,  LPDWORD LpExitCode);


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  • Juggler [output] must have the PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION or PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION privilege. For more information, seeProcessing rights and access security.

    Windows Server 2003 through windows XP: The handle should normally be granted PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION access.

    An aspect pointer to to control the execution status. See the notes for more information.

    Return Value

    If the function fails, zero is returned. Call us for information about extended outagesFull error.

    This function returns immediately. If I were to say that the process is not terminated and the function passes it, the resulting status would be (macro still_active for STATUS_PENDING(minwinbase.h)). When the process terminates and the function succeeds, the return location will be one of the single values:

  • I am veryExit process orFunction Z end process.
  • Celebration refund or WinMain main process.exceptions,
  • Value to get an unhandled exception for the process to kill.
  • Requirements

    Minimum Client Supported Windows in XP [Desktop Programs | UWP Apps] Minimal servers Windows Server recommends 2003 | [desktop UWP apps] Target platform Windows Title processthreadsapi.h (including Windows Vista, Server windows 2003, 7, Server windows 2008, Server windows 2008 R2, Windows.h) Library Kernel32.lib dll Kernel32.dll

    See Playback

    Function Also

  • 2 minutes getexitcodeprocess returns a valid application-defined error code only after my stream terminates. Therefore, the application does not need to use STILL_ACTIVE(259) as the pending error code (STILL_ACTIVE is the new macro for STATUS_PENDING (minwinbase.h)). If the thread returns STILL_ACTIVE conscientious(259) as a meaningfulA specific error code, applications that check this value may interpret it to mean that the thread is running seriously, and then check the thread for termination of the thread that ended, which may actually cause the application to fail. endless loop.


    I want to create a program that looks at a distinct existing process and returns its exit code… IF there are exit policies for it. If there is an error in the program file, the program file returns a -1.

    HANDLE hProcess OpenProcess( = SYNCHRONIZE | PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, FALSE, );if(!hProcess) real fruit pee. (GetLastError())       // error handling and more     different    WaitForSingleObject(hProcess, INFINITE);    interval_exit_code;    GetExitCodeProcess(hProcess, &exit_code);    repeating exit code;

    But as the documentation says, GetExitCodeProcess can return an exit code OR an EXCEPTION VALUE. Hopefully not outstanding value! If the solution doesn’t help, I want to reset -1!

    getexitcodeprocess error

    Is thereway to tell the difference? Is there an easy way to determine if progress has failed?

    getexitcodeprocess error

    asked July 23, 2019 at 2:58 pm.

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    Łatwy Sposób Na Naprawienie Błędu Procesu Getexitcode
    Enkelt Sätt Att Fixa Getexitcodeprocess-fel
    Manera Fácil De Corregir El Error De Proceso Getexitcode
    Maneira Fácil De Corrigir O Erro De Processo Getexitcode
    Un Modo Semplice Per Correggere L’errore Getexitcodeprocess
    Простой способ исправить ошибку Getexitcodeprocess
    Un Moyen Facile De Corriger L’erreur Getexitcodeprocess
    Gemakkelijke Manier Om Getexitcodeprocess-fout Op Te Lossen
    Einfache Möglichkeit, Den Getexitcodeprocess-Fehler Zu Beheben
    Getexitcodeprocess 오류를 수정하는 쉬운 방법

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