Troubleshooting Steps For Maytag Refrigerators

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    Maytag is a popular American home appliance whose name suggests a range of attractive freezers. As with the product, problems can arise.

    In this guide, we’ll all cover troubleshooting a range of issues, including freezer won’t freeze, rattles, freezer keeps running, and water leaks.

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  • Freezer Not Freezing

    How do you put a Maytag refrigerator in diagnostic mode?

    Open the fresh food access door, press and hold the DoorAlarm button.Press and hold the temperature increase button on the refrigerator.Release the DoorAlarm keypad and hold for 3 seconds.Press the refrigerator UP button again.

    Freezers won’t freeze – This is a common troubleshooting issue that can occur with timing. Do not assume that the unit must reach the end of its useful lifeuse and that she needs an asset. Simple fixes often solve a specific problem.

    1. Check the condenser coils. Condenser nailers are an important component of refrigerators and freezers. They transfer heat directly from the surrounding nature to the refrigerant. In new freezers, the coils are clean, but over time they can attract dust particles, which can degrade their performance. To check the cleanliness of your coils, turn off the train building, remove it from the wall and/or inspect it. If they are covered with soot, use a vacuum cleaner to remove specific dust. Please note that freezers with an internal coil do not require cleaning.
    2. Check the evaporator fan motor. This device directs air over the coils to make heat transfer more efficient. If the situation no longer works, the freezer will struggle to reach freezing temperature. Usually a microswitch will automatically turn the rack off as soon as you open the freezer door, so it won’t wake up.Do not work while you are sorting through the products. To check if it works, find someone’s microswitch, press it, look and when you see the fan is working. If not, you really should contact a Maytag engineer to install a replacement – part numbers WP2315539, WPW10189703, W11024089, WPW1012855, WPW10514110 and WP3-60336-001.
    3. Check the starter relay. If the start relay is incorrect, the compressor will not run and the freezer will not cool. If you want to have a multimeter at home, you can check if the starter relay is damaged. Remove the component from the freezer, then place the multimeter leads on the start and handle terminals. If the device smells bad or burnt, you can’t get a pass, buy a spare.

    Freezer Runs All The Time

    maytag fridge freezer troubleshooting

    There are many reasons why your own Maytag Frieza might run all the time.

    1. Problems with temperature charging thermostat
      1. Run the control thermostat from cheapest to highest setting. If you hear a click, the problem may be with the thermostat located in thefired downstream.
      2. If there is no click, connect the thermostat to a multimeter to check its time. Lack of continuity indicates an expensive part.
    2. Timed defrost problem
      1. If the timer does not start, ice builds up on the evaporator rings, preventing them from working properly.
      2. To check the time, activate this method with a screwdriver and listen for a click. This should cause some of the compressors and fans to kick back and turn on the heating coil.
      3. If the heater turns on and then defrosts the coils, the timer is faulty.
    3. Dirty condenser coils.
      1. In most freezers, the internal circuitry of the condenser forms the freezer wall membrane and does not need to be cleaned. However, if they are behind the device, you should dust them every 6-12 months.
      2. Move the freezer away from the wall to access the coils.
      3. Vacuum all participants or use a feather duster.

    Water Flows Out Of The Freezer

    How do you troubleshoot a Maytag refrigerator freezer?

    Adjust the temperature.Check config settingsurations.Check if the ventilation holes are blocked.Make sure the ice maker is turned on a.Check if the water hose is kinked.Make sure the water shut-off valves are fully open.Check frequently that the door is closed properly.Wipe the bottom door seal.

    Why is my Maytag fridge not getting cold?

    Check these condenser coils to make sure they are almost always dirty. If the condenser coils are dirty, clean them. The condenser group motor draws air through the main condenser coils and above the compressor. While the condenser fan motor is no doubt running fine, using the refrigerator is not entirely pleasant.

    AndSometimes you may find that water is leaking from the freezer. This usually means that you have an icy or clogged defrost drain.

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  • When the watercraft is defrosted, the freezer compartment is emptied through the defrosting drain. However, in some cases, rainwater can freeze on top of the drain, causing subsequent streams to run out of the bottom of the freezer instead of onto the floor.

    1. Turn off the freezer and remove it completely from the wall (if you have a freestanding unit).
    2. Access to a specific defrost program. All
    3. Thaw ice cream in warm water through a roaster.
    4. If this problem persists, consider installing a drain heater.

    Freezer Keeps Clicking

    Some Maytag freezers have an annoying habit of making a rattling sound when fully opened. This problem is either your own faulty relay triggering or problems with the compressor.

    maytag fridge freezer troubleshooting

    The starter relay provides power to operate the compressor, the device that provides cooling of the freezer. In many cases, when they start to fail, they can make a clicking sound.

    1. Unplug the freezer.
    2. Search for the “Getting Started” relay.
    3. Disconnect and remove the relay from the compressor (usually this one)
    4. Unscrew each multimeter to check for continuity around the start and run terminals.
    5. If it also fails the continuity test or shrinks, replace it with an important new one.

    Compressors are important components as the evaporator and condenser coils circulate the refrigerant throughout the refrigerator. If they fail, a clicking sound may also be heard.

    1. Unplug the freezer and hang it on the wall.
    2. Find the capacitor. It must be visible from the back of the device or behind the entire panel.
    3. Use a multimeter to check continuity between the electrical contacts on the side you see on the compressor.
    4. Why is my Maytag refrigerator freezer not freezing?

      If you have a fridge freezer that won’t freeze, clogged condenser coils are a common cause. Improper maintenance of cooling coils will reduce the cooling capacity of your freezer. To clean the condenser coils, you can vacuum the coils with a special crevice tool.

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