SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Missing Audio Driver In Device Manager

Over the past few days, some users have encountered a known error code without an audio driver in Device Manager. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will review them now.

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    Fix: “Sound, Video, and Performance Controllers” are missing from Device Manager Method 1: Run the Sound and Hardware Troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will most likely find the best stereo drivers for your PC and automatically create them for you. Method 2: Install the drivers manually. Method 3: Find audio drivers online and simply install them.


    Why does my computer say no audio device installed?

    If you’re using the Category Browser in Control Panel, first click Customize Appearance and Options, and then click Taskbar and Navigation.

    no audio driver in device manager

    If the most sensitive volume setting is greyed out, set the “Always show all icons in notification area” switch for “Highlight Click” to Off. Then switch the volume setting to the actual on position.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan PC"
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  • IfThe dropdown list may not be active, uncheck Always show only notifications by icon and on the current taskbar.


    If the drop-down list is inactive, uncheck Always show all icons and show them on the taskbar.

  • No Audio Device In Device Manager

    How do I install audio drivers in Device Manager?

    Find Device Manager.Expand the Sound, video and game controllers section.Find the device with SST in the full name.When a new window appears, select View Golf Driver Software on My Computer.Press “Next.Also select High Definition Audio, then Next.

    I bought a cheap Dell Optiplex desktop so my mom can watch Netflix on her TV, it has an SSD and HDMI on the outside so I think it will definitely do the job she is looking for. I bought it on ebay a few months ago but I was busy with work just pocketing it so it’s probably too late that I’ll get back to the seller.

    The sound icon in this status bar is marked with a small red X. Video
    Sound controllers and casino game controllers are not listed in device manager. I went to Dell then downloaded the latest and old owners to see if there are And for some purpose, I downloaded the one below, and although it goes through the entire installation procedure, it does not change even after a reboot.…driverId=VWV9D

    I wanted to check if it’s enabled in the BIOS, but pressing F2 or maybe F12 doesn’t load the BIOS for some reason.

    I tried to add a musical device to the legacy, but that also led us all to a dead end. Windu wanted to update, then dropped and still nothing. Maybe my machine is not designed for Win10? Happy to go back to Win7 or maybe Win8 if that solves the problem, it will only use it to help you watch TV.

    Either that or buy an HDMI card with built-in audio?

  • You cannot reload drivers for a device that doesn’t actually exist. So your first step is to find your audio device, PC.

    This audio device probably doesn’t show up in device manager because it’s disabledin the BIOS, missing from the motherboard (very suspicious) or defective.

    Your most important step should be to go straight into the BIOS to check the settings of the important audio device.
    Locate your device’s Service Tag, go to the Dell website, and read the instructions for entering the BIOS. Make sure you use all the correct F keys.

    Check out the specifications here to find out what information technology has to offer the audio device.

    If you go into the BIOS and see that a powerful device is present and enabled with it, it still doesn’t show up in Device Manager, so you can assume it’s toast.

    Then a dedicated audio chip is best for you.
    (Be sure to disable the failed audio device in the BIOS if you go down this path.

    You can also install a video card with HDMI output and use the car owner’s video to get sound. Check
    or in general a graphics driver for integrated graphics (presumably). This audio device should also be displayed in the display.tchere devices.

  • What do Optiplex customers have? I have several (755/760/3010/7020/9020) all running Windows 10 and everything and sound works

  • Thanks to a certain TV2!

    I’ve been fiddling around with the BIOS, I’m using this bluetooth keyboard. I just realized that I want to hold down the Fn key when you need to use the F keys.

    The damn sound was great! I just enabled it and re-ran the specific install driver and now I have sound! 🙂

  • No Device Avatar With Audio Quality=”Funqi” In Device Manager

    I took a cheap Dell Optiplex desktop so my mom could seeWipe out Netflix on your TV, it has an SSD and an HDMI output so I figured it would do the job she personally needed. I bought it a few months ago on ebay but was so busy working that of course I just put it in my pocket so it might be too late for you to go back to the seller.

    The song icon on the taskbar indicates this situation with a small red X. Video
    Sound and game controllers may not show up in Device Manager. I went to Dell and downloaded the coolest and oldest drivers to see when everything works, I downloaded the one below and although it was able to go through the whole installation routine, nothing changes at all, even a reboot soon.…driverId=VWV9D

    I wanted to check if it’s enabled in the BIOS, but pressing F2 or F12 doesn’t activate the BIOS for some reason.

    I was specifically trying to add a legacy device, but that also stopped me. Tried Windows Update, then hard reset and still nothing. Maybe this machine was not made for Win10? Happy to upgrade to win7 or win8 if that solves the problemhim, she will only go to watch TV.

    How do I find my missing audio driver?

    In the search box on the taskbar, type tablet manager and then select it directly from the results.Click the arrow next to Sound, video and game controllers to update them.Right-click your quality card or audio device entry, then go to Properties.Select the “Driver” tab, then choose “Repair Driver”.

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    How to fix “no audio output device is installed”?

    Could not open audio device?


    Could not find any audio devices?

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