Troubleshooting Oracle Connection Error 12170

Recently, some readers reported to us that they encountered oracle connection error 12170.

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    In this article, I would like to talk to TNS about connection issues. One of the applications was having problems connecting to the database. Finally, the application was set up on a Windows machine and the recording server was hosted on Linux connected to the machine. The application team constantly complained about problems with almost disconnected connections.

    Once the connection to the application is established, after a while the connection is broken and its transactions are corrupted.

    Part of the initial search, found at the bottom of the notification log and then in the listener log

    Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol for Linux Adapter: Version Observations

    The key to the warning log is that the connection was not terminated until it was established by the specific host, which exposed the above errors. This failed in addition to the same user IP and then port.

    Seeing the above error warning in the log, I started scanning various ORACLE TNS with very similar OS/firewall settings and settingsra.

    Starting with Oracle DB Server, the default value for the SQLNET.INBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT parameter is 60 seconds. So if the client is not authenticated within 60 seconds, my alert will appear in the notification and the connection to the client will most likely be terminated.

    To understand the cause of this problem, you can perform the following checks

    The default value of 60 is sufficient for most database server terms and conditions to test client connectivity. If it usually takes longer, consider the following before you apply the workaround yourself:

    1.Check if the local connection to the database server is good and fast.

    2. If local connections work, contact your “network” administrator to see if the main network is being blocked.

    4. Check the alert log for critical errors such as ORA-600 or ORA-7445 and fix them first.

    oracle connect error 12170

    These critical errors could slow down your server database.

    Often, to solve this problem, it is necessary to increaseRead INPUT CONNECTION TIMEOUT value for many listeners and databases. It is generally recommended to set the database (sqlnet.ora) value slightly higher than the listener (listener.ora). Authentication is more demanding than the listener due to the database.

    For example, when you need to check if the incoming timeout for the listener and directory server works:

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  • You can check if a setting can be enabled or not by simply telnetting to the listening port.

    The telnet routine should disconnect after just 110 seconds, indicating that the audience’s incoming Internet connection is actively timed out.

    oracle connect error 12170

    When enabled, a dense 10-byte test packet is expanded to be sent from hosts at regular intervals. In our demo, your test packet will be sent at approximately 5 minute intervals after the timer is enabled until the timer is disabled. This helps prevent intermittent firewall failures.

    After the timer expires, SQL*Net on the server will perform a full “validation” of the sendpackages to the client. (In the current case of a database connection, the target connection type represents our own server side of the connection.) Essentially an empty SQL*Net package, the probe does not argue about the shape of the SQL*Net layer data, but generates traffic over the underlying protocol.

    If the client-side connection is still active, this check is dropped and the procedure timer is reset. If the client crashes, the server will most likely get an error from the call to the reader issued for the probe, not to mention the SQL*Net on the server, which will cause the OS to use the resources of the decoupling connection.

    Sometimes connections are blocked by the firewall due to loss of focus, and we look for a solution without removing the firewall. I have occasionally encountered that setting the TCP keepalive options may not work, which could be due to an internal error.

    1. If SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME is less than the FW connection timeout, the firewall will treat this process packet as an activity, and the delayed timeout (firewall shutdown) will never occur until the exact client and server processes are active.< /p>2. If the value is notLess than SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME (say a little higher) than the FW-Idle-after-Limit value, the DBMS tends to close the connection as soon as a power failure occurs.

    You can enable the TCP keep-alive setting at the operating system level. After TCP keepalive is enabled and assembled, a small probe packet is sent to the other end at the end of each predefined idle interval, and an ACK is expected from the remaining end. And the ACK is only returned when the other end is probably up and available. If no ACK is returned, after this particular retry, the operating system will shut down your current endpoints and release any resources allocated to them. The use that is listening on that particular socket is getting an error, this application can now consider getting an error signal from the OS.

    When communication is blocked by the firewall, the main probe doesn’t reach the other one to resolve it, then the operating system seals the socket endpoints and you see, the application is notified of our exception.

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