What Causes The Prepare Failed 21 Error And How Do I Fix It?

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    It seems that some users have encountered the error code Error 21 in preparation. This problem occurs for many reasons. Now we will discuss them. Appears when the CD is finished or the last meeting is damaged. Using blank media or multisession media of other types may solve some problems.Notoc=”1″>Presentation

    Many templates in the C SQLite interface returnnumerical codes indicating results, success, failure andgive an idea of ​​the reason in case of refusalfailure. This document attempts to explain everything that eachfrom these numeric result codes.

    prepare process failed error 21

    “Error codes” are usually a subset of “result codes” that show this.something fundamentally went wrong. There are only a few flawless resultsCodes: SQLITE_ROW, sqlite_ok, or SQLITE_DONE. “expression codeTechnical error” result of any code other than these three.

    Result codes are valid 32-bit integers. Less8-part codes meaningful for the result define enough categoryand wide are called the global “main result code”. Offer the most important partsmore details about the error that will be mentioned”extendedth end product code”

    Note that the main result code is still part of this particular extension.result code. Plus a padded 32-bit extended result code, whether the application canYou will find the corresponding main result coupon by simply extracting itThe 4 low bits of the extended effect code.

    all result codes are usually error codes. Hence the conditions”extended response code” “extended code and error code are interchangeable”.

    For historical compatibility C-Links results returndefault codes.The extended result code most for common errors might bechecked out, currently, if you buy the sqlite3_extended_errcode() interface.The sqlite3_extended_result_codes() interface is definitely used by hostingweb link for database has mode in where to continueextended result codes instead of the typical basic result codes.

    All result codes must be integers.Symbolic names for all resulting ciphers are created usingMacros “#define” from headerth sqlite3.h file.Separate categories of definitions appeared in sqlite3.h headerextended code.and result code.code definitions

    the main names refer to the “SQLITE_XXXXXX” method, whereXXXXXX is a sequence of uppercase letters. Advancedthe result of code.names will look like “SQLITE_XXXXXX_YYYYYYY”, wherethe XXXXXX part is the result code for correspondent number 1. andYYYYYYY is actually an extension that further categorizes the end result code.

    Numeric values ​​and names of existing code results are fixedand predetermined. However, new exception result codes have been expanded, and new ones in particular.Result codes may look like this in future versions of SQLite.

    Result codes thirty one and are created and stored in sqlite3.h in alphabetical order below Name=”extrc”> :

    74 Advanced Influence Codes are defined while sqlite3.h are and are listed below in alphabetical order:

    The value is only 105The result value code is displayedin order of numbers below.SQLITE_OK

    (0) The Result Of The SQLITE_OK Code Which Means The OperationI Of A Certain Type Completed Successfully And Error That Didn’t Happen. Most Other Fantastic Codes Display An Error.Name=”Error”>


    The SQLITE_ERROR result code is an invalid error code used when not in your life, a more specific rule of error is available.


    The SQLITE_INTERNAL result code indicates an inherent failure. One version of SQLite that works, the application never needs to see it. result coding. When the application encounters a different result code, it displays it that there is an error in the engine information.

    Currently sqlite does not generate this effect code. However, application-defined SQL works or Virtual tables or VFS or other extensions can cause this. Return result code be.Name=”perm”>


    Result Code SQLITE_PERM specifies the requested specification. It is not possible to provide an access mode for a specific newly created database. name=”abortion”>


    The SQLITE_ABORT result code indicates thato major surgery was performed. canceled formerly as a means of completion, usually a request for nomination. See also: SQLITE_INTERRUPT.

    prepare process failed error 21

    If the callback function that supports sqlite3_exec() returns a non-zero value, then will probably return sqlite3_exec() SQLITE_ABORT.

    When a ROLLBACK operation is typically performed on the same connection as the database pending read or write operation, the pending read or write operation may not be completed error or sqlite_abort SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK.

    In addition to being result_code The SQLITE_ABORT value also serves as a human conflict resolution mode. moved sqlite3_vtab_on_conflict() interface.


    The stop code indicates sqlite_busy that the database could not be mounted. compiled (or in some cases read) because they refer to competing activities multiple other database connections, usually data, one website connection at a time discrete process.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan PC"
  • 3. Click "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • For example, if process A is in the middle of a large write transaction and so step B simultaneously tries It is possible to start an extended write transaction, B The process usually gets the result SQLITE_BUSY because only SQLite supports it. in one review after another. Process B must wait for technique A to complete. it is received before the start of a new transaction. in sqlite3_busy_timeout() sqlite3_busy_handler() and and the connect busy_timeout pragma is available for the successful execution of process B with SQLITE_BUSY errors.

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    Error De Proceso De Preparación Error 21
    Errore Di Preparazione Del Processo Non Riuscito 21
    Bereid Proces Mislukt Fout 21
    Przygotowanie Procesu Nie Powiodło Się Błąd 21
    Förbered Processen Misslyckades Fel 21
    Vorbereitungsprozess Fehlgeschlagen Fehler 21
    Erro 21 De Falha No Processo De Preparação
    Échec Du Processus De Préparation Erreur 21

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