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Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported to us that they are facing swiss cheese model errors.

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    Developed by the mind that developed the “Swiss Cheese Model” to illustrate strategies, the analysis of major accidents and devastating system failures tended to reveal the printer, from small failures to real danger. In the model, a slice of cheese is both a personal safety barrier or a precautionary measure against virtually any particular hazard.

    Thomas W. Perneger

    1Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

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  • 2Department of Health Care Quality, Geneva University Hospitals, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland

    1Twelfth Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

    2Department of Health Care Quality, Geneva University Hospitals, CH-1211 Geneva 14, Switzerland

    This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License ( http: //, which allows unrestricted use, copying and reproduction in any medium, each original work used is rightfully cited.

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    What is Latent conditions in Swiss Cheese Model?

    As part of the undeniable Swiss cheese model, potential accidents as well as losses can be avoided by stopping hole alignment. This generally means that there will be no accidents or accidents when shutting down newly laid wells due to latent conditions.

    Model of the Swiss cheese Reason has become the dominant paradeigma to analyze specialized and erroneous patient safety incidents. The purpose of this study was to find out whether the components of our own model are understood in the same way by quality and safety specialists.


    swiss cheese model error

    Survey of a voluntary sample of people who said they were familiar with the design, recruited at the “Very Good in Health and Care” conference on most quality-related websites. The questionnaire offered several interpretations of the components related to the Swiss cheese model: a) a piece of cheese, b) a hole, c) a pointer, d) an active error, for example, e) which would make the system more secure. 16 interpretations were consistent with the author’s translation of the model, 12 were not.


    85 respondents stated that they are well or partially familiar with this model. They generally scored 15.3 (SD 2.3, range 10 for 21 correct answers) out of 26 (66.5%), well above the expected 11.5 correct methods (p<0.001). Respondents gave an average of 2 "correct" 4 answers regarding a piece of cheese (up to 4), 2 "correct" 7 answers regarding wine (out of 5),2 "correct" 8 answers near the arrow (out of 4 ), 3.3 "correct" answers to a factual error (out of 5) and 4.1 "correct" arguments to improve security (out of 5).


    Interpretations of the specifics, including the Swiss cheese model, varied slightly between quality and occupational safety. Further work is needed to reach consensus on concepts of patient health. Reason


    James proposed the image of “Swiss cheese” to illustrate the occurrence of system failures such as medical accidents [1–5]. Thus, in the metaphor of a complex function, a series of blocks do not allow dangers to harm people. Each barrier has unintended weaknesses or perhaps holes – hence the similarity in the use of Swiss cheese. Weaknesses would be fickle—that is, holes open and close randomly. If all holes are oddly aligned, the safety hazard will reach the patient and cause problems (fig. “F1″ rid-ob=”ob-F1” target=”figure”>​1). Finally, this model draws attention to the opposition of Health systems to individuals, as well as accidental and deliberate actions in the event of medical errors.

    How does Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model of human error work?

    The whole body generates errors because the hole in each disc flattens out momentarily, allowingkaya (in Reason’s words) “the trajectory of catastrophic possibility”, so that there is a risk of a hole in all types of disks, which will lead to failure.

    The Swiss cheese model is often mentioned and widely used by security conscious professionals. This was summarized by fundamentalist Ronald Westram in a report to the United States Advisory Committee on the Safety and Availability of Blood on April 25, 2000 [6]:

    swiss cheese model error

    “The Mind Model becomes a common language with which to understand many complex incidents. I remember attending a conference where six speakers in a row grew up showing pictures of Swiss cheeses as a kind of academic overkill. The popularity of this model is obviously stems from its widespread use.As I said, it is widely believed that it provides a common basis for talking about system security.”< /p>

    However, there is no clear indication that the Swiss dairy metaphor is understood by all stakeholders in the same way. In this study, I explored the understanding of the Swiss cheese model by professionals workingmelting in companies working to improve the quality of medical care.

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