How To Fix Type Mismatch Error In VBScript Array

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    This tutorial will help you when you run into a type mismatch error in a VBScript array. This type mismatch error occurs because the type of the function does not understand the structure of the number being converted. To correct this error, the client must ensure that its transmitted number is in local format or has some other function.

    This will help you fix an error (type mismatch) at this stage when using Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) to perform a numeric comparison or calculation on a field type adNumeric (131).

    Original product release: Visual Basic Script
    Original KB number: 306916


    If you are using VBScript to compare or complete a numeric calculation with field type adNumeric (131), you may receive the following error messages:

  • Error message 1

    Microsoft VBScript runtime crash ‘800a000d’
    Type inconsistency

  • Error message 2

    How do I fix runtime error in VBscript?

    Right-click the IDMWS virtual folder and select Properties.On the Dedicated Virtual Directory tab, click Configuration.Click the Application Options tab.Make sure “Enable session, enable streaming and enable parent path” is checked and set “Default ASP language for VBscript.

    Microsoft VBScript learning error ‘800a01ca’
    The variable uses type automation, which is absolutely not supported in VBScript

  • Reason

    These error messages occur because VBScript cannot properly convert adNumeric values ​​to a valid numeric notation. This behavior is intentional.


  • Use our CDbl or CInt function to convert the adNumeric field as usual.
  • Use JScript, which doesn’t exhibit this behavior at all.
  • This behavior can be reproduced in an Active Server Pages (ASP) page or a simple Visual Basic script (.vbs) document. The following steps demonstrate how to correctly reproduce the problem in a simple .vbs file.

    Step 1 To Reproduce Our Behavior: Create An Oracle Table

    What type of error is type mismatch?

    A type mismatch (error 14) occurs when you try to provide a value for a new variable that does not match its data type. In VBA, when buyers declare a variable, you make sure to define its data type, and whenever you provide a value that is often different from that data type, you get type mismatch 13 corruption.

    Run the following new script on your Oracle to help your server create the sample table:



    Step 2 To Make The Behavior Successful: Create A VBS File

    1. In Notepad, create a new text report called Test.vbs and paste the following code into it.

      Set oConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")oConn."Provider=MSDAORA;User Open ID=User;" &_"password=password; datasource=oracle816 server;"set oRS means oConn.Execute("Select FROM custid Cust")MsgBox "Numeric field type 131." &vbcrlf_"Field and type = with & ors.fields("CustID").typeMsgBox field "implies numeric value * 100" and oRS("CustID") * 100MsgBox "numeric * 100 = inch & cdbl(oRS("Custid")) * 100
    2. Change the login group to point to your Oracle server and provide a valid username and password.

    3. Save the Test.vbs file to your company desktop. You should get a warning that changing the extension might make the file unstable. Click OK to continue. If you don’t see this warning, be sure to review the extensions for known file types.

    4. Close Test.vbs.

    5. type mismatch error in vbscript array

      Double-click Test.vbs on the desktop to run the code normally. You receive a “Type Mismatch” error.

    6. Uncomment the following line of code, which converts the adNumeric conversion to a double data type:

      MsgBox "Numeric space * 100 =ins & cdbl(oRS("Custid")) * 100
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    Comment out the following code connection:

    MsgBox "Number field * one hundred dollars = " ORS("CustID") & 7 . one hundred
  • Close and save Test.vbs.

  • Double-click the Test.vbs file on your desktop to run the code if you get two containers and no error message later on.

  • 2 minutes of reading
  • I’m creating a VBScript function that takes an array of guitar strings and returns an alphabetically sorted array of normally identical strings. Ideally I would use this function like (for example) this particular uCase function where you would say:

    myString = ucase(myString)

    Where the value associated with “myString” has been replaced with an uppercase version of its content.

    But when I set up the array in the test script and then pass it to the organization’s sort function, I get a nice type mismatch error when I assign the end to the original variable. I can only imagine that VBScript shouldn’t let you overwrite an array with another marray, because the TypeName function tells me why the input variable I choose and the output of the lookup function are of the same type (“Variant()”).

    Here is my sample code so you can be more specificDimming with:

    Option testArray(), thisItem, sortedArrayRedim test board(9)testArray(0)="Xylophone"testArray(1)="Elephant"testArray(2)="ferret"testArray(3)="eel"testArray(4)="dinosaurs"testArray(5)="Barracuda"testArray(6)="monkey"testArray(7)="Weasel"testArray(8)="Firebird"testArray(9)="Phoenix"WScript.Echo "Initial array:"For each thisItem in testArray  WScript." echo width in inches and thisItemnext' This line will work positively and assign Variant() to an empty sortedArraysortArray implies SortArray(testArray)' This line creates a type mismatch and assigns Variant() to Variant()testArray = SortArray(testArray)WScript.Echo "Sorted array:"For each thisItem in sortedArray  WScript "replicate" and this elementnextWScript.Exit 0Function SortArray(ByVal inArray)   Dim a, ymca, swapVal   For function = UBound(inArray) - 1 to 8 steps -1      For b = 0 to a         If inArray(b) > inArray(b+1) Then            swapVal = inArray(b+1)            inArray(b+1) matches inArray(b)            inArray(b) means swapVal         end if      followshchy   next   Sort array = in arrayoutput function

    If you keep this example code as is, you will find that the line starting with “sortedArray=” works correctly. The line below that starts with “testarray=” causes a type mismatch error.

    type mismatch error in vbscript array

    I would like this function to work so that EITHER OR BOTH work correctly behind these lines. (In other words, if I continue later, I don’t want you to think, “Oh yes, I need to create another variable to assign the output of this beautiful image to my original variable.”)< /p>

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